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5 minutes with future trainee, Chris Collins Adams

26th July 2017

Q. What University did you attend? I previously attended the University of Warwick, and have just finished a year with the University of Law in London. Q. What subject are you studying? Having previously studied Law at undergraduate level, I have just completed my LPC MSc. Q. When do you join as a trainee? I […]

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Top 12 Most Popular Blogs of the Year

17th July 2017

1. What Do Trainee Solicitors Do? 50 Top Tasks Explained 2. A Law Student’s Guide to Understanding US Law Firms 3. The Importance of Work Experience 4. Why Was My Training Contract Application Rejected 5. A Student’s Guide to Islamic Finance 6. Vacation Schemes v Direct Training Contract Applications 7. Assessment Centres: What to Expect […]

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5 minutes with future trainee, Anna Ling

13th July 2017

Q. What University did you attend? A. LSE Q. What subject are you studying? A. I studied law at LSE and recently completed the LPC at the University of Law. Q. When do you join as a trainee? A. August 2017 – so very soon! Q. How did you hear about Shearman & Sterling? A. […]

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What do Trainee Solicitors Do? Top 50 Tasks

29th June 2017

What do trainee solicitors do? What are the key tasks of a trainee? These are some of common questions we get asked by people looking to apply for a training contract. The work of a trainee is varied depending on the practice group you are in, the type of deals or matters you are working […]

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A Student’s Guide to Derivatives

5th June 2017

Derivatives form part of the world of structured finance, a sphere of the modern financial system that is often considered to be confusing to outsiders. This guide to derivatives aims to provide a brief outline of some of the main types of derivatives are and how they are used in the global economy. So, What […]

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