The recruitment process

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Recruitment process

We recruit all our trainee solicitors via our Vacation Schemes. We make our recruitment process as streamlined as possible. For vacation schemes it is a two-step process:

  1. Application form
  2. Interview with a senior lawyer and our HR team

We run four vacation schemes throughout the academic year:

  1. Winter Vacation Scheme: 6-16 December 2022
  2. Spring Vacation Scheme: 7-17 March 2023
  3. Spring Vacation Scheme: 18 April – 28 April 2023
  4. Summer Vacation Schemes: 20-30 June 2023

Vacation scheme participants will be automatically assessed for a Training Contract and do not need to re-apply. This assessment will consist of the following elements:

1. A Written Exercise
2. A Case Study
3. A Group Activity
4. A Partner Interview

For more information on the assessment elements, please watch this video:


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