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From Shakespeare to The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Why an English Degree is Good Preparation for a Career in Law

7th February 2019

Studying English? Worried you’re now irreparably unemployable? Have no fear. Studying English gives you a (maybe unexpectedly) broad range of skills that law firms like Shearman & Sterling seriously value. Here are five quick examples to remember next time your “more employable” Law student friend denigrates the value of Shakespeare to your career. 1. Reading, […]

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Breaking Down The Buzzwords – Whiteboard Wednesday

23rd January 2019

Transcript – Breaking Down the Buzzwords Hello and welcome to “Whiteboard Wednesday.” Today, I’m going to be talking about how you can break down some of the buzzwords which law firms use in their promotional material. 1. Global/International Okay. Starting off with probably the most used law firm buzzword which you’ll find in graduate recruitment […]

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Studying History? You Should Consider a Career in Law

2nd January 2019

As a history student you are often the butt of the employability jokes. I remember there were lots of memes (people still use memes, right?) when I was at university implying history graduates never got jobs (see below): However the perception that history is not an employable degree is just wrong. Law is a common […]

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