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Commercial Awareness – Understanding Money Laundering

22nd August 2018

For those of us whose ideal Saturday night involves a takeaway and binge-watching Netflix, the cult-classic Breaking Bad, its lawyerly spin-off Better Call Saul and the darkly engrossing Narcos have all become essential viewing. Although the representation of the law and lawyers in these shows is often even less realistic than in Suits, there is […]

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What Training Will I Get During My Training Contract – Whiteboard Wednesday

31st July 2018

by Kirsty Wilkins, Professional Development Manager Transcript – What Training Will I Get During My Training Contract? Hello and welcome to this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday. We’re going to be looking at the topic of, “What Training Will I Get During My Training Contract?” Professional Skills Course So, to start off, after your law degree […]

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6 Law Firm Financial Metrics You Need To Understand – Whiteboard Wednesday

10th July 2018

by James Webber, Partner Hi, I’m James Webber. I’m the Shearman & Sterling Graduate Recruitment Partner, and we are going to talk, on today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, about six law firm financial metrics, looking at how we measure financial performance in the business and how we get to profitability. 1. Utilisation So the first one, which […]

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